4in6 is a gospel-sharing, family-strengthening, disciple-making ministry to the body of Christ. We come alongside the local church in the equipping of ​the Church to share the gospel with all of creation. Our sincere desire is for those who have once confessed Christ to press on to maturity in Christ. Read our foundational message, For in Six Days, and remember that just as faith without works is dead, so too is an apologetic without evangelism.​​​​​​​

what is TRUTH?

By its very nature, TRUTH is exclusive, always relevant, never relative. Think of it this way...you may not believe in gravity but that doesn't change what happens when you jump out of an airplane...



The world is hungry for TRUTH. We have a hunger for the Word and a love for those who haven't received it that drives us to proclaim TRUTH without compromise. We do this in a variety of ways...



what we're DOING

If you saw a blind man walking towards a cliff, what would you do?


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